Maplestory pocket slot rose clipping

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Did the the Rose Clipping (pocket slot quest item) get massively buffed or something? AH was flooded with over 30 cheap Rose Clippings (no not "Rose" item, actual clippings) and the price plummeted from ~250m to ~50mil. Bought a whole bunch yesterday but AH is still packed with a whole bunch of cheap ones, so did the drop rate change? (duping?)

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KMS ver. 1.2.276 – MapleStory’s 14th Anniversary! April 27, 2017 Max Leave a comment Go to comments A new patch has been released, celebrating 14 years of MapleStory !

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How to get Pocket Slot & Rose Clipping. Tomy Pocket Slot Machine Handheld Game.Maplestory - How to easily open your Pocket Slot! Hot summer coin! Mills vest pocket slot machine. Скачать игру Pocket maplestory для Андроида, ролевая… Pocket maplestory – ролевая игра с элементами аркада про отважного героя и целую толпу монстров. На этот раз игроку вместе с отважным персонажем предлагается преодолеть сотни локаций на каждой из которых нужно сразиться с толпами монстров. Pocket MapleStory ipa - Download Pocket MapleStory 1.0.0… Pocket MapleStory 1.0.0 ipa (Iphone), free download. Pocket MapleStory 1.0.0: A tiny port of the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game.Pocket MapleStory has you pick one of three distinct character types to control as you jump into its overly verbose fantasy world.

The MapleStory rose clipping is required to complete a quest called Excessively Charming. The quest can be activated once your charming level is at 30. Talk to Big Headward to get the quest. He asks you to get one rose clipping. He will reward you with a rose and a pocket slot.

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