Slot 1 et socket 7

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DIFERENTES TIPOS DE SOCKET Y SLOT DE PROCESADORES DIFERENTES TIPOS DE SOCKET Y SLOT DE PROCESADORES Socket 7 ... Este socket sustituyó al Slot 1 para la utilización de Pentium III, ya que no Socket Sets - Acklands-Grainger, Canada Shop Acklands-Grainger for quality Socket Sets ... 6 point shallow sockets 1/4 to 7 ... universal joint, 3 extensions and 2 spark plug sockets: 18 Phillips, slot, ... Socket-462 vs. Slot-A - AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1 GHz ... AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1 GHz / 800 MHz ... Socket-462 vs. Slot-A. ... The Socket-462 interface has the same physical dimensions as a Socket-7 or a Socket-370 ... Socket 7 (Socket7) - CPU-World: Microprocessor news ...

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Socket 370 to Slot 1 adapter | Tom's Hardware Forum With a bit of fighting, managed to get the cooler on there (didn't fit nicely), and now have tossed the card and processor in, and the system is up and running, with a noticible difference in it's responsiveness. Also, discovered that the proccessor that was previously in here was also attached via a socket 370 ==> slot 1 adapter Oh well. Need ... Obituary - Slot 1, Slot A, Socket 7, K6, and Baby AT! Obituary - Slot 1, Slot A, Socket 7, K6, and Baby AT! 6/27/00. Say goodbye to some old "friends": Slot 1 CPUs and motherboards, Slot A CPUs and motherboards, Socket 7/Super7 CPUs and motherboards, Baby AT form factor motherboards and cases, and AT power supplies and keyboards. They are either dead or pretending not to be.

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VOGONS • View topic - Socket 7 vs Slot 1 233mhz? whats tabm0de wrote:Just a general question to see what peoples think about a socket 7 233mmx vs slot 1 233mhz (with/without/mmx) I have a socket 7 today ( which is suppose to be main retro gaming pc ) but i also have a slot1 matx board. There reason for the question is that i have been wondering about creating a "smaller" retro gaming machine but still use old hardware. Obituary - Slot 1, Slot A, Socket 7, K6, and Baby AT!

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Do they exist? I ask this because SuperSocket 7 boards are generally pretty bad (MVP3's, especially...I have one) and Athlon or Pentium III boards are much... Socket 7 to Slot A/1 Converter? | AnandTech Forums ...