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Jan 29, 2019 ... All companies with licenses to operate online poker software are subject to ... 1: Natural human cynicism and a glass half empty attitude. ..... Finally, the most challenging part of the workbook asks you to ... I am of course talking about flopping top pair, top kicker, or TP-TK as the kids like to say these days.

Что такое терн и ривер в покере. Как играть на постфлопе… Покер школа. Постфлоп – терн и ривер в покере. Терн и ривер в покере - разбираем постфлоп. Флоп, терн и ривер – это три этапа на постфлопе, при которых открывается сразу три и два раза по одной карте на борде соответственно. Deep Stack Post Flop Play Part 2 In this video, we continue our discussion on post-flop play this time talking about playing as the pre-flop raiser. What reasons should we consider before making a continuation bet or is it better to just check and see what our opponent(s … Exploring Short Deck Hold'em, Part 4: Postflop Play | PokerNews In part 4 of "Exploring Short Deck Hold'em," Jason Somerville addresses some of the big differences in postflop strategy between NLHE and short deck.

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Click Here s Postflop Course Part 1: Advanced Analysis of Exploitive Postflop Play in No-Limit Hold em: The River Poker Courses, Learn How to Play Poker -

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Postflop Volume 1 – Book Review. ... In the Part on playing mid/low pairs, for example, the book discusses postflop strategy for different situations, like how to play a set on a dry board, on a wet board, how to proceed if you flop a full house with your pocket pair etc. ... Apart from teaching you the finer aspects of postflop poker, this ...

ZOOM Postflop Automation Tool • Best Poker Coaching Part-time or Recreational Players (Shark Academy) ... then automate your POSTFLOP game with this tool. Within 1-2 years a tool like this will be in the hands of every ... Postflop Volume 1 – Book Review | But this book manages to do just that. It breaks down postflop play comprehensibly and logically, and it will give you the tools you need to get a thorough understanding of postflop poker. Making Sense of the Postflop Universe. The book starts off with a "map of the postflop universe" that covers 12 different postflop dimensions. Blog